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Written December 20, 2003

*I remember writing this very well. I wanted to write something but I didn’t know what. The word “trepidation” came into my head. I decided to use that word, look up the meaning and write a poem around that word. This is what happened:

I’m alone
In the dark
I am afraid
I tremble

This is where you left me
This is where I lay
Day and night passes me
I cannot move

I am so very scared
Why do you have all the power
I hate you, I loathe you
I’ve never been so terrified

My heart races with fear
Why can’t I stand up
Oh please just stand up
Where is my strength

You have sucked it dry
Why did you do this?
I think I can stand
My fear has now become anger

I hate you and your lies
I banish you from my heart
I feel stronger now
But trepidation will always linger

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