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The Warning

It was a brisk autumn day in the year 2015 and most of civilization had come to a complete stand still. Most shops had closed their doors. Supermarkets remained empty. Shopping malls were desolate ghosts towns. With the exception of a few stragglers, the major intersections of the larger cities around the world were completely silent. It had been almost two weeks since NASA first discovered an unidentified radio signal being transmitted from space. A team of some of the world’s brightest astrobiologists, mathematicians and psychologists had come together to form a proper welcoming committee because this strange radio signal had made its way closer and closer to Earth ever since its discovery. At this point, experts believed that today was the day for the sender of this broadcast to reach Earth’s soil. Most people of Earth were in their homes, gathered around their televisions, as possible first contact with an alien species was being broadcast live for the world to witness. Based on the path of the radio signal, it was projected that the source of these transmissions would be landing in a field just outside Washington D.C.

Oddly enough, this usually vacant field was now bustling with activity. Hordes of news vans flocked to this small field awaiting the caravans of expensive, high-tech security vehicles that would be transporting the world’s most important leaders to the site. Once these armored cars arrived, the countdown began. Humanity now had less than two hours before first contact with an alien species. Anyone with a television or any other electronic device with a screen, was watching this live event unfold with bated breath. The President of the United States was the first to arrive on the scene. When he and his entourage of personal body guards exited their vehicles, a small herd of reporters flocked to him like flies on a freshly slaughtered carcass.

As he and his secret service agents approached the recently erected podium, the reporters were warned to stay so many feet away from him and they were instructed to hold their questions until the end of his speech. Not only was the President planning a short speech, but leaders from many other nations wished to approach the podium and address their people.

As the final two hours ticked by, the final leader approached the stand and delivered a wonderful speech about how this encounter could be the next step in human evolution. It is believed that the sender of this signal will be friendly. If they had unfavorable intentions, they would not have announced their arrival via the radio signal. They would have wanted to be stealthy, to attack an unsuspecting population. Of course, some of the best military personnel each country had to offer was standing by, just in case. As the final speaker left the podium, a strange object became visible in the sky.

The world watched as this strange and completely silent vehicle slowly made its way to the ground below. It was a large, triangular vehicle. It was roughly the size of a small shopping center. It was black with blinking lights lining the edges and as it got closer to the ground, three long legs slid down from a hidden compartment in each corner which allowed the ship to settle gently on the ground. You could hear the low murmurs from people who gathered to witness this historical event in person. Suddenly, a loud hissing sound emanated from the ship and a ramp slowly descended from the middle of the spacecraft and made its way to the ground. The crowd fell into complete silence.

When the ramp completed its descent to the ground below, three figures made their way out and stepped on the Earth’s soil. Everyone in the world let out a collective gasp of complete surprise.

These beings that exited the ship looked very much like human astronauts. They had on oversized white suits with a helmet that had a reflective visor over the face. They were the height of the average human. They had two arms, two legs, five fingers. Everything about this being suggested human. As they got closer, even more anomalies became clear.

On the left shoulder of each uniform was a stitching of the American flag. On their right chest was the NASA logo. These creatures were not alien at all. The being in the center removed its helmet. It revealed itself to be human. He was a handsome male who looked to be in his mid to late thirties. He had dark brown hair, a chiseled jaw-line and bright green eyes. His colleagues removed their helmets as well. They were both beautiful women, one with short blonde hair and the other with long brunette hair. They approached the podium and the man spoke.

He greeted everyone who had gathered and addressed them as “my fellow earthlings”. He introduced himself as Jax Spalding. He went on to explain that he was sent from the future to warn the current population of an impending doom. He warned that if human beings did not take better care of the planet Earth, they would eventually reek so much havoc on the environment that the planet would no longer be capable of sustaining life. In the year 2080, the Earth’s atmosphere became toxic to humans due to man-made pollution and environmental negligence. By this time, humanity had developed pods capable of space flight. The wealthiest of the human race bought these escape pods and used them to flee the planet before the apocalyptic scorching of the earth’s sky became a reality. Those who were left died a horrible, painful death of radiation poisoning. The target planet for the pods was Gliese 581 g. This was the closest earth-like planet scientist had found and was deemed the perfect site for humanity to begin anew.

People in the crowd and those watching on their televisions began to panic. Jax assured them that there was no reason to panic and that he was sent to this time with a plan that can help prevent this tragedy. Over the next few weeks, Jax and his crew of approximately 100 people traveled to different countries all over the globe and showed them more efficient and environmentally friendly ways to perform daily activities. As time went on, it seemed as if the humans from the past were really catching on to the instructions given by his crew. The time had come for Jax and his crew to leave.

As they boarded their ship to head home, the brunette who was with Jax in the beginning was curious.

“Do you really think that they will stick to our advice? Or do you think they will follow it for a while and then go back to their old ways?”

“Well,” Jax said, “I guess we’ll find out when we pass through the wormhole”.

Jax and his crew knew that the only way to tell if the past humans followed his advice would be to travel back home. If they were approaching Earth again on the other side of the wormhole, he knew this meant that the past humans listened to him and there was never a need to flee the planet. As they approached the wormhole the ships artificial intelligence began the countdown so that the crew could prepare for the warp jump.

“Approaching time warp in tee minus five minutes”.

As the crew buckled themselves in, Jax was really hoping to see planet Earth on the other side of this wormhole. As they drew closer to the warp, the ship’s computer began the countdown.

“Approaching time warp in five, four, three, two, one.”

Everyone in the ship was firmly pressed against the back of their seats as the ship reached light speed.

The jump lasted about five seconds. Jax unbuckled himself and made his way over to the closest window. When he raised the plastic shade, he became rather disappointed. He could see Gliese 581 g outside. The humans from the past did not stick to his instruction. It was time for his next plan. He spoke to his crew over the ships PA system.

“It looks as though the humans from the past did not listen to us and they continued on with their destructive ways. Unfortunately this means we must execute Plan Beta.”

Many aboard the ship gasped. No one liked the idea of resorting to Plan Beta. This meant a massive depopulation of Earth. Jax and his crew will have to land on American soil disguised as foreign astronauts and attack the people of America. They would be the harbinger of World War III. Jax was not fond of this idea, but in order to save the planet Earth, he knew that something must be done. If he could not reason with the humans of the past, then he would just have to force them to start all over.

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