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Running Along Smoothly

Another crazy year is almost behind us, and I have to say if there is one thing that has helped keep me sane during the madness, it’s been writing. Crisis Evolution 3 is well underway, and I am getting so excited about finishing it up and publishing it so you guys can finally read it!

It’s been an even crazier ride for Alex and his crew as they navigate the terrain of the Illian homeworld, Amerath. I have to say, writing a book that takes place on a whole new planet is a lot different from writing a book that takes place on Earth. OMG world-building takes forever!!!

However, I am super excited to be introducing a new character. She was briefly mentioned in Crisis Evolution 2. The assassin hired to kill Ares, Tia, has been a super fun character to flesh out and get to know, so it’s only natural that the opening scene for Crisis Evolution 3 will feature this brand new badass Lythian. Oh and CE3 officially has a sub-title now.

As a treat, I thought I would publish part of the first scene. So without further ado, here is the first scene in Crisis Evolution 3: Retribution (*note: the final published draft may vary)



The alien sky decorated with hues of purple, pink, and orange adorned the outlines of the soaring skyscrapers that made up the horizon of Lythios’ capital city, Argolis. The endemic plant life sprouting from the rooftops soaked in the last bit of sunlight for the evening as the thriving metropolis finally began to wind down for the twilight hours. Most Lythians, not typically being creatures of the night, had turned in for a restful sleep. A few lone skycars zoomed past the towering buildings in their uniformed lanes. Still, other than that, all was peaceful on the Lythian homeworld. All but Tia K’Ravi.

Tia’s slender, Lythian frame moved with the precision of a wild cheetah on the hunt. She was decked out head to toe in a black, form-fitting bodysuit because she was on the prowl once again. This hit was put out on one of the worst scumbags in Lythian society, but it still required a deft touch, for her target was highly influential and extremely dangerous. Many well-armed and well-trained guards protected this high-profile criminal, and many of his friends could have her dropped at any second for the right price. Stealth was the name of the game for this mission,  but she really hated crawling around in the ductwork of highrises. Still, an assassin’s gotta do what an assassin’s gotta do.

A lone security guard sat at the receptionist’s desk as he lazily laughed at a jovial sitcom broadcasted on the vidscreen hovering in front of him. Crumbs rested on the chest of his uniform as he brushed them to the floor at his leisure. Then, suddenly, he heard a strange sound at the front door. It was late. Most everyone had turned in for the night. Who could that be? He stood from his drooped state, and he could feel his heartbeat nearly doubled in his chest as he cautiously approached the door one deliberate footstep at a time.

“Hello?” He called out into the void. His eyes darted, scanning the door, but no one was there. His tense shoulders relaxed as he turned around and made his way back to his comedy show.

As he turned back to his desk, a shadowy figure descended from the ceiling and crouched on the floor behind him. The mute intruder darted toward the guard, pulled a small silenced pistol from her side holster, pointed it at the back of his head, and pulled the trigger. The bullet sped straight through his skull, blasting his face wide open, as red, meaty chunks of brain and blood splattered the wall in front of him, and it oozed down to the floor in crimson streaks.

“What the hell?”

Tia looked over to a door at the back lobby, and yet another boneheaded guard charged at her as he drew his gun. She closed her eyes, momentarily and just as she opened them, the bouncer pulled the trigger, and a deafening gunshot echoed throughout the foyer. Suddenly her body vanished into wispy puffs of smoke, causing bullets to move safely through her and into the back wall. She drifted across the room as an impenetrable force while the guard continued to fire on her, but it was of no use. His bullets flew right past, causing no harm to her at all. Her smoky silhouette began to swirl around the frightened guard’s neck as he flailed his arms about in every direction, trying to fan her away. Suddenly, the nebulous cloud floated behind the sentry and solidified behind him into the statuesque figure of Tia. With one hand on each side of his head, she twisted it with such great force that she snapped his neck. She released his limp carcass and watched it collapse to the floor.

Tia stepped over the deceased watchman and made her way to the elevators behind the receptionist’s desk. Pressing the number ‘22’, she stood patiently waiting for the elevator to arrive. Looking down at her outfit, she noticed a few blood stains that had muddied up her appearance. Unfortunately, wiping it with her gloved hand proved to be unproductive as the splotch didn’t budge. “Urgh!” She rolled her eyes as she heard a soft ding and the lift doors opened. Calming piano music played in the background as she ascended to the top floor, and she closed her eyes again. She could see herself in her mind’s eye approaching her target. He was cowering on the floor, begging for his pathetic life as she raised her repressed gun to his forehead. Her stoic facial expression was frozen as she uttered the phrase all of her targets heard before their imminent demise. “May the Divine Within grant you peaceful passage to the Ethers.”

“No, no, NO!!!!” He screamed, but it was too late. Tia pulled the trigger.

She opened her eyes and smiled as she continued her climb to the top floor. Her victory was inevitable now.

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