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Someone has deeply hurt every single one of us at one time or another. It could be a lover who betrayed or abandoned us. It could be a best friend who said something rotten behind our back. It could be a parent who was cruel and abusive toward us. It could be anyone that we love dearly. So many of us have had our hearts destroyed by another person, whether that other person did it intentionally or not, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt.

There is a grieving process that goes with this type of pain, and if you don’t understand it and don’t know how to manage it properly, it could have you holding on to this painful act for years and potentially decades.

But we’ve also hurt others as well. Sometimes, I was the toxic one. I would never intentionally be toxic but none of us are perfect, and no matter how self-aware we think we are, there are ALWAYS going to be facets of our subconscious that we’ll never be able to access. No one can ever possibly know themselves fully, so there are always going to be instances where we cave into something. There will always be times when we let our emotions get the better of us. Of course, the more aware you are, those moments become fewer, shorter in duration and less volatile, but it will still happen. It will always happen because none of us are perfect.

I think our job as human beings on this Earth is to focus on being a better person than they were yesterday, a year ago, five minutes ago. We should all evaluate ourselves and see what we can do to be better people. I feel like one of the best ways to do that is to look at the people who surround you.

Who do you have around you, and what do you see in them? Are you always looking at what they did wrong? Are you looking at them and saying everything they say is lies, or they’re crazy, or they’re selfish? What are you telling yourself about other people? Are you angry because this person might be mirroring something back that lurks inside you or who you wish you could be?

I have quite a few experiences with mirrors. I believe most people that come into our lives will mirror some aspect of ourselves back to us, but there are going to be a few people who become very intense mirrors. While this may be extremely uncomfortable, these people are extremely valuable in our lives, and they can teach us so much.

I had a recent experience with someone who was a very intense mirror. I didn’t fully see it at the time (my intuition picked up on it though), but I’m beginning to now. There were so many things, very eerie and “unique to us” things that I didn’t really see until recently, and it has helped me to understand why this mirror was brought into my life in the first place. Later on, I realized that there were so many traits that I saw in this mirror that I didn’t find appealing, but after further examination, I realized that I had those traits too. I didn’t want to admit it. I fought it for days. But there was no denying it. This mirror showed me some of my own toxic traits, and it helped me see who I didn’t want to continue to be and who I didn’t want to become. However, there were many traits in this mirror that I found very admirable – and I always will. Some of these traits, I already possessed, but some of them I didn’t. So, this mirror also taught me areas in which I could improve on myself, and I have started living those improvements every day.

It also made me realize a deeper understanding of the idea that none of us are perfect. We all have things that we could improve about ourselves, but that is never a reason to beat ourselves up. No one else is perfect either. Since no one is perfect anyway, maybe we should start focusing a bit more on the good in people. I truly believe that the majority of people just want to live happy, normal lives. Yes, some do horrible things, but they are not the majority. Most people you encounter are just normal people, living a normal life.

Look at the people around you and truly examine what you see. Are you looking for something good to think or say about them, or are you always looking for the worst in people? I promise you; your life will improve, and you will feel much about yourself AND other people if you choose to look for the positive. If you can’t find anything positive at all about that person, then you might want to consider not being around them anymore, but don’t miss that opportunity to look inside yourself and ask “is there something about them that I don’t accept that is also within me? Therefore, I am not fully accepting of myself?” Deep right? LOL!

So, there’s my little nugget of babbling wisdom.

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