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It’s Been a While!

I just realized that I had not posted here on my site in ages. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been hard at work in the background, getting book two ready.

So I’ve come to the understanding that creating an entire universe in your head has a LOT of information and stories going on behind the scenes that no one really pays much attention to. When I started working on Crisis Evolution, I really didn’t know just how expansive this story would become. I have hashed out an entire universe with an insane amount of backstories that have started branching out. I never really thought about coming up with a story about HOW the Alpha chip came to be and who was responsible for…..well, everything that’s happened, but that part of the story finally came to me a few days ago.

The final draft of book two is complete. A friend of mine is working on the cover art. Everything was going smoothly, but then I thought, “Does this new realization of how EVERYTHING came to be mesh well with the first book?”

I spent all day on Tuesday reading my first book in one sitting. Okay, so I found a couple of inconsistencies, but not with the main story – mostly just realizing that in the first book, com-links work like cell phones. In the second book, they’re more like walkie-talkies. The good news is that I managed to plug every plot hole (and I even managed to come up with a solution to the com-link dilemma), but now I have to go back through my final draft and make sure the second book has no inconsistencies. HA! Who knew creating an entire universe was so complicated?

Anyway, there’s my progress. I’m shooting for publication some time at the beginning of the year, but of course, I will post…..pretty much everywhere, once I have a better idea of when everything will be ready.

At some point next year, I’d also like to add character pages and other information about the CE universe on this site. I think that’ll be fun! So there ya have it! If I don’t post again before then, I hope everyone has a wonderfully happy holiday season and don’t eat too much or spend too much! 🙂


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