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It’s Almost Here!!!

Next Chapter Con!

Happy Labor Day!!!

For those of you who got the day off today, I hope you went out there and made the most of it….or stayed in your house in your PJs all day and made the most of it – which is pretty much what I chose to do.

I just wanted to send out this little blurb because I’m super excited about my first convention, which is right around the corner! The Next Chapter Con is this Saturday! I can’t wait to get a feel for what the “author” life is like! I am super excited for the opportunity to experience this. And if you’re local, stop by and see me. If you’re not and you still feel inclined, come see me! LOL!

Also, things are rolling right along with Crisis Evolution 2: Metamorphosis. I finished it up last week, and this time, I actually have beta readers who are in the process of checking it out now! How cool is that? I feel like a for-real author now!

I just wanted to check in, as I haven’t done an update in a while, but I am definitely still working plenty behind the scenes.

Well, have a wonderful week, and maybe I will see some of you this Saturday!


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