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It’s All About Me

Written December 30, 2003

I’m a perfectionist
All must be right
I like the color blue
I stay up half the night

I’m a bit stubborn
I don’t like to budge
Sometimes I can be moved
But with a gentle nudge

I am sometimes brutal
When I speak what’s true
So don’t ask “Do I look fat?”
If you don’t like the real you

I avoid confrontation
I don’t like it one bit
But don’t run me over
I don’t take people’s shit

I am not conceited
But I am very proud
I like being me
I can say that out loud

I trust very few
I don’t let many in
But once I open up
My walls are very thin

I like to keep up
I want to be in the know
Just look to the stars
I’m a typical Virgo

I am very cranky
When I get out of bed
Until I’ve had a shower
I feel like I’m dead

I’m very particular
About my style and my look
I want to be my best
Like a model in a book

I can be selfish
Or I can give my all
It depends on the person
What they get is their call

I check things out
I look in mirrors a lot
I just want to check
Any imperfections I’ve got

I am always cool
I have “good girl” down pat
But behind closed doors
I get wild in the sack

So it’s all about me
I will always stand tall
Take me or leave me
But I won’t change at all

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