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Fuck Fear

I remember the idea for this book came to me all the way back in 2004. I was in my 20’s then and as with most things in most 20 somethings lives, I started the book, wrote about 6 pages and then went on with my life. I picked it back up in 2014 – little did I know, I would be reopening the save file within a week of the last time I opened it 10 years earlier. I finished the book, but then I kept editing and changing. I kept revising. I thought I was doing that to make the book better, but all I was really doing was procrastinating because I was fearful that it wasn’t good or that no one would like it.

Personally, I really enjoyed writing this story. There were days I would spend hours and hours getting into the universe and “becoming” the characters just so I could understand how they would react to whatever situation they found themselves in. There were nights I spent my time before falling asleep, thinking about what it would be like to finally publish it and actually have people love it. I’ve picked it up, put it down, picked it up, put it down again and again and again for all this time and I finally said: “fuck fear”.

I’ve spent the last four months – again on and off – getting it completed. I did one last revision to it and said: “this is the FINAL draft” (there are four full drafts of this book on my computer). Now my book sits in a 72-hour review queue on Amazon’s KDP website because I finally had the guts to say ‘enough’ and just publish it already.

I’m not really expecting anything else to come out of this. I hope it entertains a few people at least. My main goal was to start something and actually finish it. My whole life I have started projects and then gave up on them – either because I got bored or it got too hard or *insert some other lame excuse here*. I finally did it. I saw a long, complicated project to completion. Soon my work will be live for the whole world to see.

Fear is an ugly thing that can keep you from reaching your full potential. If there is something you want to do more than anything in this world, don’t let fear stop you. If everyone loves it, that’s awesome! If everyone hates it, who cares? At least you tried. I’d rather live my life saying “at least I tried” than saying “what if”. As far as we REALLY know, this is it. This is the life we were given. Make the most of it while you can.

What about you? What do you want to do more than anything? What are your fears making you do to stop yourself from accomplishing this? I’ve got a comment box below. Let’s talk. 🙂


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