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Just when I think I have this figured out, I don’t. The author keeps you guessing with her unexpected twists and turns. I read this faster than any other book since Sydney Sheldon’s books. Loved it!

Dave (Amazon Review)

The year is 2130. A young man named Alex wakes up in the middle of a field, and he has no recollection of how he got there. After saving his life from an imminent threat, a trio of ragtag vigilantes with superpowers inform him that humanity has been at war with an alien race for over 30 years, and 75% of the human population has either been wiped out or enslaved. The remaining humans are now living in hidden underground corridors as they continue to fight this dire threat. Alex will eventually learn that he holds more power than his superhero counterparts and is now on a journey to discover who he really is, why he is more powerful than everyone else, and if there are more humans like him. Can he and his new, powerful allies save the human race from extinction?